Jammer Resources


Check out our new Jammer Dashboard for all of the 2021 sponsored resources, and take advantage of all the great exclusive offers for everyone taking part in the jam!

Resources / tools lists

  • Handy list put together by GGJ organizers from around the world.
  • Make your game with assets from our ICGJ conference
  • Pixel Prospector has compiled a wealth of resources: 
  • Resources to make your game more accessible:

Using PlayFab Experiments -

  • Step 1: Getting Started:
  • Step 2: Quick start with Experiments:

Gameplay videos


  • Why Everyone Should Participate in the Global Game Jam - Kevin Wong
  • How to Get the Most Out of a Game Jam. - Christer Kaitila
  • Jamming your way into the industry - Anchel Labena: 
  • Why should you participate in game jams? - Dusty Wright: 


  • The Game Jam Survival Guide - Christer Kaitila: 


  • Global Game Jam® Keynote videos:
  • From Game Jam to Full Game - Super TIME Force & Other Shining Examples (GDC Next) - Nathan Vella (Capy Games):